On these pages you'll find some useful, unbiased advice about the various resorts at which I've skied around Europe, USA and Canada.


I'm an aged (chicken) advanced/expert skier, who's skied at over 50 resorts. I can offer good advice about the best places to ski for beginners up to experts and can give good information about the best places to go for family holidays, etc.

If you're a teacher or group leader looking for places to go with parties of mixed ability, I can also offer useful advice regarding that.

The background to this page shows a view taken from my favourite resort, Zermatt, and I hope to have plenty of other photos for you to view as I build up this site.

I'll gradually produce reviews and maps of most of the places I've skied at over the years.

If you want to leave a message in the Chat Room, feel free to do so. Just click on a subject button, then on one of the post buttons and click on New Post or Reply to Post to leave your own message. To view the photo galleries, click on a photo to enlarge it  also if you want advice/info about any aspects of the resorts mentioned just e-mail me or leave a message on the chat page.

Comment on your favourite resort on the chat page. To do this you need a browser that will allow use of Flash, such as Photon Browser.

Chalet Doom Tignes 2012 bogarcs

These crazy urinals are at a mountain restaurant in the French Alps. You can contact me on the Chat Page to find out where.

A bit of advice - check out prices of ski hire on the internet rather than just booking through a tour operator.

I've recently had some very positive experiences via Alpinresorts.com.

Chalet Doom Deux

Are you over 70? In Andorra all resorts give you a free lift pass. Could come in handy if there's a run on the pound.