Valmeinier 2010

2010 saw the WDSC with Snowcoach once more, this time at Valmeinier, a new venue for most. The comfortable Hotel Aigle provided a vitually slopeside base, although some members failed to take advantage of this, being tardy in setting out on several mornings.

Frank's polythene racing boots meant he kept certain members waiting in the freezing cold while he made final adjustments (taking anything up to 45 minutes) to his advanced buckle system (invented in the 1930's, I believe).

The appearance of The Crazy Frog captured the interest of those of us old enough to remember it but Hugh claimed his helmet had been found near an abandoned Vespa after a 1960's Mods' convention.

Peter acclaimed the Souper skiing and will be producing a guide to soup and pizza restaurants of the French Alps, while the Fart will be taking a gps system with him on future trips, after being mistified by conditions on the last day's skiing.

One of the highlights of the week was lying in the hot tub with The Boy from the Boot Room watching the snow fall from a starry sky.

Lively entertainment was provided by Dave from Bournemouth and the surreptitious butty-making by Frank, Colin and Joe.

Photos opposite - click on them to enlarge them.