Stubai 2011

A great time was had by all on this latest odyssey of the WDSC. A new tradition was begun with the appointment of a club captain - for this year we decided to appoint a part-timer in A. Price, esq. He has promised to be fit enough to complete a day or two on the slopes next year but, in spite of an 8 year lay-off, still managed to maintain his considerable skills at finding the best bar in resort (head for the bar attached to the Schonherr Intersport shop for great service and access to Sky Sports).

Our new President, Mr J. Cunningham (to be known in future as "The Pres"), will continue to ensure that all members of the club are au fait with the latest in communication technology, although some of us may find carrying the Semaphore flags a little difficult.

The O.F., now to be known as The Raven, for some obscure reason, will be providing alarm clocks on future trips and "the Pres" will only serve coffees to those who rise before the Sun is over the yardarm!

Photos, videos, etc will appear once they have ben e-mailed to me.

Thanks to the very friendly staff at The Augarten Hotel in Neustift for adding to our holiday enjoyment.