Alpe d' Huez/Les Deux Alpes

The two resorts above both provide high altitude skiing, though the glacier at Deux Alpes has more extensive and accessible skiing. The higher runs at Alpe d'Huez are mainly difficult blacks and there is limited intermediate skiing on the glacier. The famed Sarenne run, reputedly the world's longest black run, is largely an easy red , apart from the steeper top section, which can be avoided by starting from the Marmottes 3 lift station. This finishes in a long path along the gorge.

Some of the best skiing in Alpe d'Huez is on the North facing runs down to the lower villages. Try the Poutrans/Olmet reds down to Oz or the Blues off Signal down to Villard-Reculaz.

Beginners will love the extensive green slopes close to the town but they should beware the blues, as these often have steep sections.

Pisting is not great here and many red runs are left mogulled, and bumps seem to quickly develop on the heavily used blues from the middle stations of the DMC and Marmottes gondolas. The Couloir run is best done in the morning and is a super blue from Troncon 2 of the DMC lift.

If you're able to book in time, you can take a helicopter to Deux Alpes and back. This will drop you off on the glacier. From the topmost point, reached by drags and an underground funicular, there are some excellent reds and blues. It is possible to ski from the top right back to town on a mix of runs but make sure the green is open, all the others into the village are blacks!

From both resorts the views are magnificent - some can be seen opposite. Click the pictures to enlarge them.