1650 2006

The WDSC's return to Chalet Mors was largely incident free (compared with recent adventures). In spite of Mike trying to recreate "the boot room incident from Chalet Doom", Colin's understanding nature meant that eveyone survived the week intact.

Under the careful tutelage of the OF, several teams learned to map read and every corner of the Four valleys was visited.

Recordings of the OF's snores are now being used for avalanche control purposes and the ex Jollyman's route finding skills are being taught to punters who don't wish to find the fourth valley. These might have been of great use to those who found themselves trapped there.

Splint Milroy, clearly still feeling the effects of his Jackson Hole wound and unabe to sit on a chairlift, was dragged out of the fourth valley by a ski-doo. According to eye-witness accounts, his weight caused at least one vehicle to burn out and, in future, a JCB might be needed for any Splint rescues.

The OF continues to suffer from "the cough" and has now been banned from the Cheltenham Festival. The Milroys are taking part in an experiment to discover whether pole-planting is genetic and Peter "coffee-stop" Frazer has now taken over as the new Mr Stamina. Frank has finally woken up and Jim is about to investigate the feasibility of transferring Cuban cigar manufacture to Liverpool Secondary schools.

Anyone with photos of the holiday can e-mail them to me at [email protected]

Thanks to Colin and Mike for their photos.